Step 1: If you do not enjoy reading directions, please, AT LEAST read steps 6 & 10.

Step: Wipe down the area of the body where the StraightScape will be affixed. It is important that your skin is clean and dry. The StraightScape may not bond well against oily, sweaty, or dirty skin.

Step 3: Remove the release liner (plastic strip) attached to the gel side of the StraightScape. Set release liner aside and save it to store the StraightScape for future use.

Step 4: When you first use your new StraightScape, we recommend you initially use a mirror to determine the proper orientation on your body.  As long as both ends of the band are in the same “anchoring points” your line will be symmetrical.

Step 5: Apply the band around your head, to the area you wish to trim. For tips and tricks on different styles visit

Step 6: Once your StraightScape is in the desired location push the band against your clean, dry skin for approximately 6-10 seconds. Your StraightScape will form a safe bond against your skin.

Step 7: Choose the cutting device you wish to utilize. With StraightScape you can use electric or battery operated clippers, shaving razor, or even a straight blade. Always use caution with any sharp object.

Step 8: Utilize your StraightScape as a stop guide for your hair trimming tool. Only cutting hair below/ or up until the band will ensure a straight line.

Step 9: We recommend rinsing off your StraightScape band with water. If necessary you can use a mild perfume free soap to cleanse stubborn hair or debris.

Step 10: After use, place your release liner back onto the gel side of the StraightScape band. Be sure to fully cover the tacky gel, and store in the provided plastic tube with end caps.

Be sure to visit for frequently asked questions, tips and tricks.

Thank you for your purchase!